About Us

We are a community based robotics team founded in 2016 based in North Brisbane. We come from different schools and meet every weekend to build, code and play with robots. We actively mentor other community and school-based teams. We are all about robotics! We enjoy hosting our weekly Robotics Immersion Program for our younger students to build skills and confidence in STEM and robotics so they can participate in fun robotics competitions! The BotBuilders have several teams across multiple robotics competitions: First Lego League, First Tech Challenge and RoboRAVE.

We love all things robotics!


FIRST 2025 Seasons

On the 21st of April, FIRST announced the 2025 seasons. Submerged for FLL, Into The Deep (Presented by RTX) for FTC, and Reefscape (Presented by HAAS) for FRC.

FRC Revealed

That's right. BotBuilders are officially competing in FRC in 2025. We are excited to announce we have been working on our FRC Robot for the past year and have been working up our skills in our Pre-Season.

Behind The Bot

The Blue BotBuilders have one of the most unique designs this year with their #SideGame deposit. A perennial powerhouse from Australia: Learn about how they managed so many degrees of freedom, effective endgame mechanisms, and just an overall compact CENTERSTAGE robot on Behind the Bot!

To join our team or start your own team, please contact us below.